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What is zkLink´╝č#

zkLink is a unified, multi-chain L2 network powered by zero-knowledge technology.

By connecting various blockchains and Layer2 protocols, zkLink's unified, multi-purpose network protocol enables developers and traders to leverage liquidity from isolated chains and offer a seamless multi-chain user experience, contributing to a more accessible and efficient DeFi ecosystem for everyone.

­čąç zkLink innovatively applies zero-knowledge technology to multi-chain interoperability with a trustless and decentralized separation of powers design that safeguards the security of assets and trades. Moreover, zkLink eliminates the disparity among stablecoins from different blockchains and of different types, achieving multi-chain liquidity aggregation to form a massive stablecoin liquidity pool via a unique protocol-controlled-debt (PCD) mechanism, delivering a capital efficient, cost-friendly, and easy-to-access infrastructure.

zkLink Layer2 Network


Zero-knowledge Proofs with Zero Security Compromise#

Zero-knowledge validity proofs are mathematically certified to guarantee only valid transactions are executed and cannot be manipulated or falsified, and hence ensure security of funds.

  • In virtue of ZK-Rollup's on-chain data availability, account states can always be rolled back in case of attacks, even when all the data on zkLink Layer2 Engine is lost.
  • Zero knowledge guarantees that nobody, including the platform itself, can upload fake zk_proof to the main chain.

A Rigorous Consensus Mechanism with Checks and Balances#

A light oracle network independently ensures the consistency of multi-chain states. Such separation of powers in the verification and judgment process ensures no single party controls asset security or is capable of malicious behavior.

  • The checks and balances design guards zkLink protocol against economic attack from both external hackers and internal stakeholders by assuring that no single branch has too much power.

Multi-chain Liquidity Aggregation#

With zkLinkÔÇÖs unique design of a protocol-controlled-debt (PCD) mechanism, stablecoins from different blockchains and of different types are safely and efficiently aggregated into one single coin.

  • A unified currency for all purposes on the zkLink L2 ecosystem.
  • No need of multiple wallets for separate chains.
  • Minimum friction and finality time.