Heavyweight Integration (Multi-Chain Derivatives & Spot Exchange)

💡 A case study of ZKEX 3.0: a multi-chain derivatives & spot exchange with a unified account

The graphic below outlines how to integrate zkLink functional components in a decentralized way. This highly flexible integration model enhances dApps’ business customizability and autonomous cost management.

Integration Features

  • Autonomous account state-tree maintenance and on-chain event monitoring, eliminating the dependence on third-party services and ensuring stronger business reliability

  • Independent transaction ordering and block generation logic defined according to specific business logic

  • Autonomous data commitment to the Data Availability Layer (DA): The gas fees of on-chain data commitment are directly paid by the dApps, enabling proactive management of network operational costs

Functions of ZKEX 3.0 Integration

  • High-performing order matching of spot and derivatives

  • High-performing risk engine for perpetual contracts

  • Unified accounts for perpetual contracts and spot trading for better UX and higher capital efficiency

  • Cross-margin for perpetual contracts

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