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Lightweight Integration

💡 A case study of zkJump.io to showcase lightweight integration
zkJump Integration

zkJump Server

zkJump Server monitors related on-chain events, offers broker services for cross-chain transfers, and provides backend service for zkJump.io.
In practice, the zkJump Server does not need to maintain a complete set of user nonce or account balance information as ZKEX.com does. User balance can be directly fetched from zkLink L2 infra, reducing the development and operational costs of zkJump considerably.
The fee for Proxy Withdraw Operation is covered by zkJump operators.

zkJump Bridge Contract

The contract is developed and maintained by zkJump, with the following functions:
  • Collect cross-chain transfer fees
  • Integrate to on-chain DEXs. For example, tokens swapped in Uniswap could be directly transferred to the destined chain via zkJump integrated on Uniswap